Day Three- Friday 23rd July- Athens and Out and About

We awoke feeling refreshed and surprised that we had actually manage to get some sleep!

Our first excitement of the day was to get on a wrong bus, and end up travelling almost half an hour in the wrong direction across Athens. On the plus side however, the bus was equipped with full air conditioning, so you could say we got to see another side of Athens in comfort!

Surprisingly to us, the locals of Athens were extremely friendly, if not too friendly, where endless hand kissing, bowing and ‘please pretty ladies’, would ensue from waiters and cafe owners trying to tempt us with some Greek salad or local cuisine. One particularly over friendly waiter finally managed to entice us inside his small cafe where we had a nice lunch, overlooked by a large fan spraying us with water to keep us cool.

We had a slightly more relaxing day than the previous one, spending an hour or so browsing the Acropolis museum. Here we found that much of the floor was constructed of glass, allowing you full view of the temple ruins below- not a trip for the faint hearted! If the thought of heights and see through floors make your knees tremble and your stomach flutter, then perhaps the Acropolis museum isn’t for you!

After a relatively quiet day, we spent the evening in the main street near our hostel, which had only taken us the entire time we’d been in Athens to find! We came across a small Italian restaurant and indulged in massive pizzas and a nice cold Amstel beer.