Rating: 7/10

Best Tracks: Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over; Sparks; My Only OneAmy Macdonald isn’t like the rest of the female singer/songwriters about at the moment. She doesn’t rely on ‘quirky’ images and style. She doesn’t try to be an angst-ridden ‘rock-chick’. And, most importantly, she doesn’t prattle on in a mockney accent about dull domestic rubbish (I’m looking at you here, Kate Nash and Lily Allen).  Amy MacDonald simply lets her songs speak for themselves, without gimmicks and bulls**t, and it’s very refreshing, especially considering that she has one of the most distinctive, unique voices I’ve ever heard. When she does ‘rock out’, it’s not forced or unnatural (it sounds like the session musicians are into the music, and this really makes the difference), and these tracks simply slot in amongst the others on the album, giving it all-important variety.
Big praise has to go to the producer and arranger Pete Wilkinson for this.


Although MacDonald clearly has a talent for melodies, lyrically she doesn’t impress so much. She doesn’t do a bad job, avoiding the pratfalls of cliched declarations of love and childish rhymes, but she does seem to hide behind a series of  oblique references and nonsense verse (“I am a spaceman flying high/ I am the astronaut in the sky/Don’t worry, I’m ok now”) and this renders her words pretty uninspiring.

Lyrical pedantry aside, this a fine album. It isn’t yet another vehicle for the latest female vocal talent; it’s an album full of good songs by a serious artist, and should be applauded.