Wednesdays, 9pm ITV2 

Among the surprising highlights of this week’s TV viewing saw newly married couple Alex Reid and Katie Price bicker it out in the lead up to their wedding blessing, thus continuing and ensuring the Katie Price saga and brand.

Katie, taut and further transformed by more cosmetic surgery, with her usual quick quips and controlling manner, left Alex laughing nervously throughout the first of three shows detailing their ‘intimate and private’ wedding blessing. “You only get married once; why not go full out,” exclaimed Katie with no sense of irony. Replacement Pete, Alex Reid seemed unsure and nervous and struggled to get a word in edgeways with Katie and her demanding and dictatorial manner. “I own you!” she told Alex with glee. Run Alex!

With their over the top hen and stag dos, in which the viewers saw Alex pole dance in his white underpants and Katie (unbelievably) blushing in front of the performing male strippers, the camp show which is Katie’s and Alex’s lives never fails to engage, shock and make you laugh. Their wedding blessing seems like it is turning from the small and modest (it was never going to be that way) to a full extravagant showpiece. The entertainment coordinator gushing with enthusiasm, hired to inspire Katie with ideas for her post wedding blessing reception had outlandish and more and more bizarre concepts for the reception which included synchronised swimmers and Katie emerging like a goddess from a centrepiece. Poor Katie’s mum looked drained from it all and wanted her daughter to keep it small. Naturally Katie ignored this request.

Katie’s a fun, frolicky and at times an immature and irresponsible woman, but nevertheless a driven individual. Is she a feminist icon? Probably not, but she’s a gutsy, occasionally vulnerable and always an entertaining character. Tune in the same time next week for the second instalment.