While the hunt for killer Raoul Moat ended last week, it appears the Facebook tribute  group created for the killer has caused further uproar.

The tribute group which has accumulated 30,000 members can be seen to sympathise with Moat who shot and wounded his ex girlfriend, Samantha Stobbart, killed Stobbart’s partner Chris Brown and cost PC David Rathband his sight.

The group states that Moat is a legend, “RIP Raoul Moat, You Legend”, with some members even referring to him as their hero.

Prime Minister David Cameron demanded that Facebook remove this group from the site.

His demands, however, were met with arguments that the expression of the views on Facebook can be seen as therapeutic, and that to remove the group would be stopping free speech on the matter.

While I’m a believer in free speech, surely a tribute group to a killer is not only worrying but also rather creepy?

While you can pity Moat, who it is revealed had no father figure growing up, was arguing with his mother and estranged from his children, to label him a legend when he killed a man, and blinded another is surely wrong.

The Facebook Group too led to further devastation of Chris Brown’s family.

The victim’s mother and sister told their story to ITV news earlier this week, stating that not only had Moat killed their beloved son and brother, but also killed a part of them too.

However, perhaps at the end of this, the media can be seen to hold some blame for the controversy surrounding the incident.

It was the media frenzied man hunt on Moat that led to many sympathising with him, feeling that no human being should be hunted to their deaths.

Many even left flowers on the spot where Moat killed himself.

It was then another media outlet, Facebook, which enabled others to start a tribute group for the killer, causing further controversy.

Perhaps the public’s obsession and constant interaction with the media, and the Media’s dependence on the public will however inevitably lead to uproars like this, and will continue to do so.