If you’re a thrill seeking theatre goer, ‘Scattered’ is the perfect adrenaline rush to whet your appetite. The latest contemporary masterpiece of physical theatre dance group Motionhouse focuses on our relationship to the earth life force H2O. The hair raising antics of the fearless group of dancers centres around a simplistic yet magnificent set using a massive curved cyclorama. The cast grinned, exhausted as they relayed the various tales of war wounds that had been caused during rehearsals and the performances with the unusual set.

Motionhouse’s work embodies the twenty first century Avant Garde within contemporary dance; its innovative use of multi-medic performance is forever pushing the new boundaries of the discipline and keeping audiences on tenterhooks. The piece experiments with a variety of different instances in which we come into contact with water such as ice, the ocean, drought and quenching thirst. A series of incredibly detailed videos are fed and projected onto the cyc as the dancers climb up and down the apparatus. The sheer physical strength of every dancer makes the deft acrobatics of each sequence look like child’s play.  The video is made interactive with the dancer as the especially astounding timing of very individual in the company is the secret to the sheer aesthetic wonder they generate. We watch dancers slip down the stage appearing to dive under water and jump onto the cyber puddles creating a ripple effect on the very spot they contact the set.

Vivid colours and faultless design enraptures for each second of performance, the audience is drawn into a perfectly engineered world with little more control than being weaved into a spiders web, except you certainly won’t wish to escape the brilliance of this company! This is a work not to be missed for every contemporary dance fan and will assure the allegiance of a new dance theatre goer. What a whirlwind adventure! Chase this teaser shower of praise to the refreshing monsoon that is ‘Scattered’ and soak up the lustre of physical theatre at its best!