The ladies final at Wimbledon saw champion American Serena Williams thrash Russia’s Vera Zvonareva and overtake Billy Jean King in the record books with her now thirteenth Grand Slam title whilst defending and claiming the Wimbledon title for a fourth time.

The powerful Serena Williams took on Vera Zvonareva at Wimbledon this year and she dominated with the final scores at 6-6 to Vera’s 3-2 on centre court.  Serena stood at 5’9 and 150lbs, with the younger and less muscular 130lb Vera battling against the champ in her first ever Grand Slam.  Despite being one of the heavier players Serena moved fast and with intellectual aggression, both technically and physically outwitting and outpacing her opponent.  Serena’s fierce serves reached an impressive 122mph on centre court, forcing Vera back.  “She’s not unbeatable,” said Zvonareva: sorry Vera, she was this time and no amount of crying or hiding under your sports towel at change over time will alter that.

With Serena moving up the women’s tennis records and not slowing down, she is showing a more mature and confidently calm attitude towards the game which is helping her to succeed on court.  Her focus is clear and direct, “When I step up into that court, everything goes out of my mind” and she has the, “…perfect mentality of a champion” according to Wimbledon commentator and former pro-tennis player Tracey Austin.  I think we will see Serena Williams succeed on court for a number of years to come yet.