Wading within the pool of imagination,
Guided from my body; still and sleeping,
She looks in my eyes with hers adoring.
It seems we’ll be out for a while,
Assumed by the magnetic draw permeating from her eager expression.
The rain that fell when we were once sleeping lays in the
Imperfections of the limestone; the drops tickle the tops of our feet.
I smile at the humid air hovering around the park lamps; ‘it’s engulfing us!’ I said.
Fingernails graze the denim on my knees as our pupils align.
Senses return, I’m awake and staring at the same crack in my ceiling.
The scenes produced behind my eyes, though fictional,
Weigh on my mind, fresh and undistorted.
I roll over to the gaze from the eyes of the one that I truly love
And realize that, sometimes,
Some things in life are better than dreams.