Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix – Tuesdays, Channel 4, 8PM

Gok Wan’s popular series ‘Fashion Fix’ is back, and this week’s episode sees him helping the Lady Mayor of Seaford preparing to meet the Queen at Buckingham Palace.  

If this show proves anything, it shows that we could all do with our own ‘fairy Gok-mother’. His infectious cheerfulness is brought to bear upon the fashion nightmares of the everyday woman. Even the most self-conscious and timid women learn to love themselves again after Gok’s simple yet uplifting advice.

He goes through their wardrobes, looking at the disastrous outfits women have, and then shows them how to wear the right clothes for their body shape. There is, however, some pain involved as before the make-over begins Gok takes a picture of them in their underwear and dresses them in different items to see if they can tell which clothes look good on them and which do not.

As part of the make-overs, Gok chooses 25 staple pieces, which include clothing and accessories, and shows his Cinderella and the viewer the versatility of these 25 mix and match items and demonstrates that you don’t have to overload your wardrobe with clutter to look good.

This is not the only thing Gok does in his show. He sets out to prove that high street fashion is a lot better and more cost effective than spending thousands on designer gear. This part of the show is great for finding out about the hottest buys. However, Brix Smith-Start who demonstrates the designer equivalents is really very annoying. When Gok’s outfit selections go head to head with hers on the blind voting you find yourself always cheering for Gok, even if his choices are not that great. Somebody spare us from this annoying woman!      

This show may not appeal to you if you have little interest in fashion, but then again you may be surprised! It is addictive and uplifting viewing and if my grumpy OAP father finds it amusing, it goes to show it is defiantly worth giving it a go.