The Radio 1 Live Lounge is renowned for its popularity all over Radio 1, and the last few weeks have proven this. There has been a great mixture of sounds and talents from the likes of Robyn, Tinie Tempah and Eminem, all of whom did very individual performances in the world-famous studios of Maida Vale. The Live Lounge always gives something a bit different to your everyday music schedule, as it focuses on the brilliance of live music, but with a twist. Although many people have their reservations about covers of songs, the live lounge performances give a unique spin on these tracks, such Robyn’s cover of Alicia Key’s beautiful new single, ‘Sleeping with a broken heart’. Although initially the idea of mixing two very different styles comes across as an insult to music, the individuality of each performance stops you in your tracks whether you are a fan of the artist or not. I think this is what makes the Live Lounge the most talked about show on Radio 1, as it takes the station from being background listening to something a lot more prominent. Every week, Fearne Cotton introduces a different artist into the Live Lounge, so it’s worth giving it a listen, because you might just find your new favourite musician.