An Audience with Michael Bublѐ – Aired Sunday 23rd May, ITV1

ITV screened another ‘An Audience With…’ on Sunday evening showcasing the musical stylings of Michael Bublѐ.

Having already sold 25 million albums and won two Grammies, he moved on to the bright lights of the ITV stage to perform a string of hits including ‘Haven’t Met You Yet’ and ‘Feeling Good’. In the normal ‘An Audience With…’ style, he took questions from the celebrity audience answering typical stumpers such as ‘Who was your inspiration’.

The audience was the usual Z list groupings they put together for these shows which included soap actors and some instantly forgettable X Factor stars.    

Even though you would have to be a big fan of the Canadian singer to fully enjoy the experience, it was a very good show and he sang a good mix of jazz songs and more mainstream pop songs.

The singer also had a very good sense of humour when it came to talking to the audience and the camera. But that wasn’t without its pitfalls. Before the show aired, while they were recording, Michael caused some controversy as some replies he gave to the questions were too rude for the ITV audience. However he re-recorded them so they became more suitable.

On the whole, An Audience With Michael Bublѐ was a very smart and sophisticated show and was very enjoyable to watch. 

Doctor Who – BBC One, Saturday Evenings

The new series of Doctor Who has made it past the half way mark and still manages to captivate its viewers.

When this series was about to start, critics and viewers alike were not convinced that the new show would be able to do as good a job as David Tennant and Russell T Davies, however judging by the viewing figures released each week, the new Doctor seems to be drawing in more viewers than the last season.

The announcement of the 27 year old Matt Smith as the new Doctor Who raised much speculation as it was felt that this youthful new Doctor would not live up to the mammoth task ahead. But he seemed to surprise everyone by being vibrant and has brought a new youth to the show. Not only did this series bring a new Doctor but it also brought a new writer and director in Steven Moffat. This director was shipped in to take over the helm when Russell T Davies’s command was becoming stale and the show needed to revive itself.  

The latest episode sees the Doctor face an ancient enemy which has taken residence in a sleepy Welsh mining village, intent on taking over the earth. Not only that, but the enemy has taken Amy (the Doctor’s assistant) hostage so not only does the Doctor have to save the earth but he has to find a way to save Amy.

When watching this episode you can see that it is the worst of the series so far as the action is quite minimal and the comic humour is not as strong as it has been in previous episodes. As a whole, though, Matt Smith is a very good Doctor and the episodes are very enjoyable and funny. The only major downside so far is Amy’s boyfriend Rory. He is the ‘Mickey’ Character from Billie Piper’s era (only not as good and not integral to the plot so far), so he is pointless to what is currently happening. Other than this, the current series of Doctor Who is well worth a watch and is fun for all the family.