Heston’s Feasts – Tuesday 9pm Channel 4

Food in its natural form isn’t necessarily what you will expect to find within the new television series Heston’s feasts. Taking ideas from historical past-times and myths, food is seen more as a form of art, and something to play around with rather than just consume. Heston’s imaginative recipes are unbelievable to comprehend, yet funnily enough actually work. Episodes include re-creating Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘s mouth-watering treats, and a gothic horror feast where food is chilled to the bone…literally. For fun and light entertainment on a Tuesday night, tune into an awe-inspiring yet sometimes unnerving selection of feasts. You won’t look at food in the same way again!

Russell Howard’s Good News – BBC3 Tuesday 10:35pm

Russell Howard is a relatively new comedian who has appeared on popular news programmes such as Mock the Week and Never Mind the Buzzcocks. The second series of his solo debut within “Russell Howard’s Good News” presents a comical view of news stories throughout the week, ranging from political innuendos to more interesting, yet apparently less news-worthy, stories which sadly didn’t make the weekly headlines. An interesting part of the programme is his mystery guests, who he has to uncover through a series of questions and idle banter. Yet don’t be fooled; these guests may or may not be deemed as true celebrities, but mere individuals, hungry for 60 seconds of fame. For a fresh and potentially inappropriate way of finding out the latest news headlines, tune into Russell Howard’s Good News, where some stories should be kept secret. You can also catch-up on previous episodes via the BBC i-Player.

Britain’s got Talent – Saturday 8pm ITV

You either love it or you hate it, but whatever your stance on the matter, this popular T.V. series has once again appeared on our screens, attempting to turn the hopes and dreams of individuals across the UK into reality. Following the same format as previous series’, contestants stand in front of a panel of judges including music producer Simon Cowell and media mogul Piers Morgan hoping for their approval and overall vote to get them into the second round of the competition. ‘Interesting’ acts so far have included The Chippendoubles, an unlikely group of men whose true identities aren’t what they seem, and an unusual sword act, not to be watched by the naked eye. Many of the acts are predictable and mostly cringe-worthy, but for a Saturday night’s viewing, this is harmless fun to be taken lightly (and a warning for potential victims).

All acts are available to watch on ITV catch-up.