Round two sees the same three political guys- Gordon Brown, Nick Clegg and David Cameron come back together to duke it out for your confidence and vote. This debate was less of the Politics’s Got Talent and was more Politics as usual.

My initial response was Brown won this live second political debate screened on Sky News.  Instant polls contradict my view; YouGov poll for The Sun show Cameron in front with 36%, Clegg at 32% and Brown at 29% poll votes.  Comres/ ITV poll showed Clegg the winner at 33%, Brown at 30% and Cameron at 30% (with 7% who don’t know.)  How useful and unbiased are these polls?

Cameron had a lovely purple tie on (blue last week) Clegg seemed nervous at times, at other times somewhat confrontational and Brown seemed strong.  All three upped the ante and seemed more focused and forthright than in the first live election debate.  There was definitely less of ‘the event’ in this second live political debate. 

David Cameron was on much better form and was more natural during this second round.  The lighting in the Bristol studio made Cameron and Clegg look older and sterner, which didn’t harm either of them.

The first half of the debate was about International Affairs. Controversy, anger and contention were particularly evident during the debates and questions on Europe, The EU, Immigration and Defence. 

Inadvertent funny ones liners during the debate included: Clegg to Brown concerning immigration, “You can’t deport 900,000 people, you don’t know where they live!”  Cameron wants to be a, “BlueGreen party and not just a Blue party” (concerning the Environment) and “These two guys remind me of my two young boys squabbling at bath time,” said Brown of Cameron and Clegg as they drew their claws out during the EU debate. 

Is Nick Clegg just a novelty? Is he just a one trick pony?  He needs to keep it strong and behave like a leader now, with less of the policy wobbles if he is to convince people that he has what it takes.  Brown seems in control and experienced and Cameron was much better this time around.  With less than two weeks of campaigning from our politicians and their parties, who will be our next Prime Minister?  Watch this space…