It’s Easter at the moment, and as I’m roughly three hundred miles away from the guys, there’s not a lot going on band-wise. I get the occasional call about gigs from the others, and we’re all eager to get back, but at the moment the band are about as active as two sedated turtles at the bi-annual procrastinator’s society. Which is a shame really, as we’ve just cracked another barrier, leapt another hurdle, taken ourselves to a new level. Man.

As I mentioned last week (before we all got into extreme danger – it was all fine by the way; turned out it was wind) we’ve stumbled into our ‘sound’. Ever hear a song by your favourite band and think that no other band could possibly do that, or hear a song on the radio and without being told just know it is by a certain band? All bands have their own sounds, even if sometimes that sound is something along the lines of ‘sounds like Artic Monkeys’. It’s what really appeals to people, it’s your hook, your unique selling point.

I very much doubt bands get together and suddenly they have a sound. It’s not like a pet, you can’t just go out and get one, and its not like a cake, mix certain things together and voila! It takes time and comes naturally, like a beard, except that bands comprised entirely of women get less funny looks for having a sound than for all having beards.

And I think we’ve found where we need to go, as it were. We’ve written two songs that we’re all really excited about – Scars and  Soldiers and Gunfire, both of which represent a huge step in the right direction for us. It didn’t take us long to realise that these were our best songs, or that they should be on our new EP. The best thing was that watching the audience whilst playing (as the drummer I don’t have to be distracted by dancing around or posing on the amps or making sure my lead doesn’t trip me up and kill me) when we play these songs – they’re still pretty new, so not everyone has heard them yet – you can see people in the audience looking at each other and saying things such as ‘this is awesome’. In the words of one of the guys who works at Hamptons, Southampton, where we gigged a couple of months back, ‘One word – epic.’

We’ve been jamming, writing and performing as a band for eight months now (excluding summer, Christmas and Easter holidays) and we’ve only just written the two songs that could take us in the right direction, the one where we discover exactly who Pretty Visitors are, and what they sound like. That may sound pretentious, but hey, I’m just the drummer. I don’t say stuff like that, because I obviously only know twenty five words and am better at hitting things than speaking, which means you made it up.