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Rating: 5/5

The comedy action film Kick-Ass tells the story of teenager Dave Lizewski and his adventures in becoming the vigilante superhero Kick-Ass.  Along with Big Daddy and Hit Girl, Kick- Ass and his unlikely alliance fight against their nemesis crime boss Frank D’Amico and his underworld network.

Wow is all I can say. I had initial reservations about seeing this film and indeed there had been some controversy surrounding the use of an eleven year old actor playing the role of a violent, swearing, merciless vigilante, but the film did work.  Chloe Moretz who played Hit Girl, during interviews says she was fully supported by her mother in choosing the role as it challenged her acting range and abilities.

The recognisable themes of romance, violence, and humour, with knowing references and nods to the audience are merged well in Kick-Ass.  The social commentary within the film regarding the internet, YouTube hits, voyeurism and injustice are uniquely put together along with the use of a comic book style, and includes an injection of game player point of view, making Kick-Ass all the more entertaining and engaging. 

The original comic book, written by Mark Millar, is skilfully and successfully transformed into the Kick-Ass screenplay by Jane Goldman and Matthew Vaughan.  Starring Nicolas Cage, who is fabulous as the character Big Daddy (no relation to the British ‘80’s wrestler) I would highly recommend this film.

Kick-Ass is unique, refreshing, lively, colourful and very funny, not to forget the stomping tunes in it!  Loved it, loved it: what a romp of a film.  I sense a Kick-Ass sequel. Bring it I say  (and quickly please.)