Welcome to my first TV review, in which I hope to give a variety of TV shows (of which at least one should appeal to you)! It’s also worth noting that my reviews are iPlayer friendly, meaning that they will be on the channels’ iPlayer for your viewing pleasure at any time this coming week!

The Triumph (ITV3)

This is the usual biopic of a teacher who changes the lives of his pupils, but this one has hard hitting realism of what some children have to grow up in. This is a brilliant depiction of social change. The story of Ron Clarke (played by Matthew Perry) and his pupils is a must see film that is only on ITV player for a few more days, so be quick!

Glee – Channel 4

(Sunday, 5:30pm)

This comedy seems to be taking the UK by storm and more oddly seems to be catching the attention of the male population more than this genre normally would ! For all of you fans out there don’t miss the next instalment this Sunday at 5:30pm!

Shameless – Channel 4

(Tuesday, 10:00pm)

Providing a comical perspective on the social structure of today’s society the Gallagher family continue with their outrageously funny and frequently illegal lives. Catch up from the beginning with Channel 4 OD.

Agatha Christie’s Poirot – ITV1 & 3

A wide variety of crime dramas on all channels, but to start with this week we will be going with one of the greats: Poirot. It is usually on TV on a Sunday but at varying times. If you’re up for a bit of a murder mystery with a curious Belgium detective then this is for you!

Class Clips – Creative and Media – BBC Two

(Wednesday, 4:00am)

With three episodes already broadcast and focussing on Media, Performing Arts and Art and Design, this provides valuable information for any of you students that are focussing on these for your course! A great source to use for your essays!