Spring could finally be here (hopefully I’m not jinxing it) and so what better time to start listening to perhaps the leading duo in chill out music, Groove Armada. Their album ‘Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub)’ has completely re-captured my interest in this genre of music, and released in 2001, it’s still sounding as fresh as ever.

The heavy bass, coupled with soft synth pads, strings and various vocal styles keeps the listener hooked throughout, and you get the summer vibe just by listening to each track. ‘Edge Hill’ has to be the stand-out track, beginning with chilled out trance pads and smooth bass. At around 2:45 the song then changes into something very special, (in my eyes, anyway) and becomes one of those songs that screams ‘masterpiece’ as soon as you hear it. I won’t give too much away, but if you buy anything this month buy that track alone.

A reasonable price of £6.99 on the iTunes store, it’s certainly worth the money for 13 tracks of varying chillout styles. If you’re a fan of Goldfrapp, This Will Destroy You, and other such acts but haven’t listened to Groove Armada before (though it’s unlikely), go do it – now!