When Four Year Strong released their debut album Rise or Die Trying in 2007 it seemed the Massachusetts quintet were in for a bright future. Their long awaited follow-up, Enemy of the World aims to take what Rise or Die Trying did and improve on it.
From the first few bars of “It Must Really Suck to be Four Year Strong Right Now” it was plain to see the pop-punkers were onto a winner. The whole album has all the fun riffs and sing along choruses of its precursor with an added dose of anger to stir things up.
The album flows extremely well, and you cant help but find yourself tapping you foot or singing along to any of the songs. Album highlights include “Wasting Time” and “Find my Way Back“, with both tracks plunging the listener into a whirlwind of brilliant riffs and gang vocals.
Enemy of the World takes Four Year Strong to the next level: the fun factor’s still there but the band have matured musically and shown that they are ready to really make a name for themselves.