From the first sip I was hit with a beautiful gooseberry tang, infused with sweet, subtle flavours of peach and passion fruit with a hint of guava. In light of this I am eager to describe this in simple terms as ‘fruity’; and so this isn’t perhaps for those who favour a dry white, but nor for those who have a very sweet tooth. This medium wine, therefore, stands somewhere in the middle and struggles to be anything extraordinary, but with a modest price tag of four pounds seventy-seven, I’m satisfied.

There’s a slight unwanted sharpness to the wine and, though not overpowering, I’d deem it unsuitable as one to drink on its own. Therefore I chose it as an accompaniment to seafood and the flavours delighted one another. Other lights dishes such as poultry and summer salads are bound to be excited by the fruity undertones of this Arniston Bay white.

If you aren’t a big wine drinker and haven’t a preferred end of the wine spectrum then this; neither too dry nor too sweet might just be the thing for you. 

Arniston Bay, South Africa 2009 £4.77 from Asda