Have you ever been enjoying your sleep so much that you somehow don’t hear your alarm go off or that you decide to press the snooze button just one more time? And then you finally get up and realise that you have to rush to get ready and have hardly anytime at all to put on your makeup and then have that horrible “I look awful” feeling for the rest of the day?

Well, I hate to admit but I fall into this situation an awful lot, so here are some “Wake Up Make Up” tips that I have come up with to help.


Before attempting to slap on any foundation in a crazy hurry, you need to base your skin so that your foundation/powder goes on smoothly for your skin type. So after a quick cleanse of the face, I tend to use a primer, or moisturiser (as I have dry skin) to lay the foundations, for my foundation.


One product I would recommend is Body Shop’s Skin Primer (£10.00) which creates a smooth canvas for your makeup, helping your makeup stay on longer, which is great especially after rushing around to get ready your makeup won’t slide off from sweating!

The Primer contains Aloe Vera and Camomile, so it is a great hydrater and won’t irritate your skin, so it’s perfect for any skin type.

 Rating: 9/10

Image from http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/


For me, putting on foundation requires the most time and effort; you don’t want to leave the house with cakey, patchy areas of foundation on your face by rapidly rubbing in your foundation if you are in a hurry. My tip; don’t use a foundation at all. Instead, use a tinted moisturiser; it’s easier and quicker to apply, and won’t feel as heavy on your skin like a foundation would.

One of my favourite ‘in a hurry” foundations, is Boots No7 Dual Protection Tinted Moisturiser (£10.50)

The sheer, lightweight moisturiser feels fresh on your skin, and leaves your skin tone looking even, and is easily applied with your fingertips. It also comes in two different shades to get the best coverage for your skin tone and type.

 Rating: 10/10

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Image from www.boots.com


Without a doubt, your eyes will be the give-away of a late wake up, as they wouldn’t have had the right amount of time to adjust to the world!

I find that my eyes can sometimes be a bit puffy in the morning, so to waken them up, I use another Body Shop product called Vitamin C Eye Reviver (£9.00) Vitamin C is a great natural anti-oxidant and the Vitamin C Eye Reviver also contains Orange Flower water, which feels great when refreshing tired eyes that need a quick wake up! It’s easy to apply, and is best applied before applying any make up around or on the eyes.

Rating: 8/10

 Image from http://www.thebodyshop.co.uk/

When in a rush, I don’t want to spend too much time giving myself the “bright eyed look” using different shades of eye shadow and eyeliners. Instead, I have found a multi-functional must have for your make up bag by Bourjois Paris.

 Illuminating Touch is one of my favourite discoveries. The iridescent powder is multifunctional, and gives a natural glow when applied on the brow or cheek bones.

For a quick fix on the eyes, I apply it below my eyebrows and a small amount on the inner corner of my eyes to give a refreshed look.

Illuminating Touch is available on asos.com (£7.00) and can also be found in Boots or Superdrug.

 Rating: 8/10

Image from http://www.bourjois.co.uk/

When it comes to eyelashes and eyeliner, using any mascara that your used to is suffice (I have yet to master the technique of speedy mascara-ing!) but if you like to wear eyeliner, the quickest route I would go for is either pencil on the lower lids, or a liquid liner for the upper lids, depending on your preference.

 I personally prefer liquid eyeliner, as with one sweep of the brush, you can have a dynamic look. The one liquid eyeliner I always use is Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner (£2.99 from Boots/Superdrug).

 The brush is always well coated with liquid, and the non-slip handle is great for fast application. The liners also come in brown and blue, making them quick,bold alternatives to eye shadow, which may be more time consuming to put on.

 Rating: 7/10

Image from http://www.collection2000.co.uk/


Cheeks and Face

If you use bronzers and blushers, using ones with in-built brushes will save you seconds. Here are two I have found:

The first is from Boots 17 range. The 17 Pure Finish Sheer Mineral Blusher (£4.49) The blusher and it’s soft brush are built together for a quick and even application (plus it saves room in your make-up bag!). The blush comes in three different shades; Natural, Plum and Rose to suit your individual skin-tone.

Rating: 8/10

Image from www.boots.com



The second is a bronzer and is from The Body Shop. Brilliance Powder (£15.65), like 17’s blusher, has an in-built brush for a quick and easy application. Although it may be a bit more expensive than some bronzers, its lighweight on the skin, giving a natural look and also contains light-reflective particles which brightens tired faces! It comes in a matte and shimmer finish, depending on the look you prefer to have.

Rating: 9/10

 Image from www.thebodyshop.co.uk


Last but not least: those luscious lips! You might be in rush but DON’T forget your lips! Lavishing those lips with a bit of gloss can give the final touch to your make up, and I have found the easiest solution, and every girl should keep one of these in their bag incase of lip emergencies!!

Vaseline’s Rosy Lips is one of my “never leave home without it” products, as it is the quickest way of adding moisture and colour to your lips. The great thing about it, is that no matter what your complexion or lip colour, it will match it, as it’s not a coloured gloss.

These mini life-savers can be found in most pharmacies, and range in price from £1.50-£3.00

Rating: 10/10

 Image from www.gotiny.co.uk