False eyelashes can be a nightmare. Not only are they a terror to put on, but there is always the fear of them flicking off halfway through your day/night.

But, Maybelline has saved the day with their new ‘theFalsies’ Mascara, a sister to the ‘Volum’ Express’ mascara. So to find out more, I have tried and tested it, to see whether I can kiss goodbye to false eyelashes for good.

I have always been a fan of Maybelline mascaras; not only are they reasonably priced but they all make your lashes look amazing, and ‘theFalsies’ Mascara is no exception.

Unlike most mascaras, the brush is spoon shaped, which allows you to cover more lashes in fewer strokes, so that you minimise the amount of ‘clumps’. The brush has soft bristles, which I prefer, as I find a lot of mascaras tend to use plastic comb-like applicators, which I find are harsh and scratchy on your lashes.

I found that applying the mascara was simple, and the results were fantastic. I find a lot of brands offer mascaras that either lengthen or add volume to your lashes, but Falsies does both and definitely gives a false eyelash effect. After use, my lashes looked fuller and longer, and had an amazing ‘fan’ shape which I have not achieved with any other mascara.

My rating: 10/10

Before application:

After application:

 ‘TheFalsies’ mascara is currently on offer in Superdrug for £5.99 and is also available at most pharmacies.