Ever since this striking piece of official artwork was released, the gaming world has been rife with speculation as to what the next Legend of Zelda game will entail. The artwork doesn’t give anything away except for the fact that there is a strange, blue, floaty character who we assume is a vital part of the game. Some have suggested that this mystery entity is in fact a living incarnation of the Master Sword; the jewel in its centre and the look of its cloak hint at this. Also Link is holding a shield in the picture but no sword, which all in all makes this a quite compelling theory. Of course this figure could just serve the same role as Navi did, and I don’t mean to be an annoying blue thing that constantly yells ‘Hey’ at you. But it could be Link’s guide in the game, much like Midna in Twilight Princess, who always seemed to know where to go next and provided the protagonist with a voice.

Whatever this being might be, surely there are some aspects of the game we can expect to crop up: a faithful horse, many awkwardly positioned pieces of heart, suspiciously cracked walls just crying out to have a bomb placed in front of them, numerous small keys which all look the same yet can “only be used in this area”, and a bag which can fit in bombs, arrows, a hookshot, boomerang, iron boots, four empty bottles and either a hammer or mace, but can’t hold more than 1000 Rupees. Let’s just pray to the goddesses that there isn’t another temple at the bottom of Lake Hylia!

Zelda: Wii (working title) has created a worldwide hubbub of gossip all from one piece of artwork, so with its release date to be announced later this year, this is sure to be a game worth playing, and is one which leaves fans shaking with excitement