I have recently started listening again to one of my favourite collaboration bands of all time. They combine amazing vocals, aggressive bass lines, funk drum beats and a man who likes the peace hand-signal… whilst soloing. Ring any bells?

Audioslave: Singer Chris Cornell and the band behind Rage Against The Machine’s well known sound and fury. Their debut self-titled album is in my opinion, a must have for any rock fan – no other album like this features such well constructed and groovy guitar riffs that act as the perfect accompaniment to Chris Cornell’s amazing vocal talent.

The album artwork, designed by Storm Thorgerson (the man behind Pink Floyd’s famous covers), is only a slight indication to the genius inside every track. Songs such as ‘Cochise’, ‘Show Me How To Live’ and ‘I Am The Highway’ show how talented this combination of songwriters is. As stated before, Cornell’s voice is something special – but when put next to a Tom Morello chord change it really becomes the cherry on top of this album.

Sure, it won’t appeal to everyone’s tastes, but if you’re looking for the intensity of a RATM song coupled with amazing vocal talent then this is definitely worth checking out. And it raises the question in my head: ‘Where have all the riffs gone these days?’ Bring back the ‘Funky S**t’!!