I was asked to write about Women’s Rugby after revealing that it is one of my past- times on my mini bio. I do not see myself as an oracle on the subject but it’s something I enjoy and devote a small amount of my spare time to – like sacrificing my Sunday mornings for fitness sessions.Rugby BallThe game of Rugby is by nature, aggressive. You see Rugby players staying on the pitch even when their heads are bleeding; then getting bandaged up, and seconds later, ploughing into people again. Rugby is a great stress relief too; if you’ve had a bad day, you can let out all your anger in your tackles.

Rugby has appealed to me for at least one reason. It is a powerful looking game, a lot more so than Football. Women’s Rugby is by no means less aggressive than the male version. We tackle, we scrum, we ruck and we have a good time. I recently joined the Winchester’s Women’s Rugby team and am having a great time. The main aim is to meet new people, make friends, have a laugh, and, of course, win some games.

In my secondary school, the girls were never allowed to play Rugby on the field with the guys but instead were made to play netball. Now, the guys used to come off covered in mud and I used to feel extremely jealous. I would have been playing netball in a gym that smelled of sweat, and the guys looked like they had had the best time! To be fair, maybe the school didn’t think the girls would want to get muddy, but the least they could do was ask!

And, why is it, that when anyone thinks of women’s rugby, they think of butch lesbians or bi females who like to get close to other women? First of all, is there anything wrong with that anyway? Why would people immediately think we’re like men because we enjoy playing a ‘male’ sport? We do have a couple of bisexuals/lesbians on the team, but the majority are straight and have boyfriends.

For me, there is nothing better than walking off the pitch caked in mud, sporting a few more bruises than when the game started and celebrating the outcome with my team-mates. If everyone played rugby, the world would be a better place. And girls, if you’re worried about what people will think of you if you play Rugby…who cares? Get out there!

Winchester’s Women’s Rugby Team
Winchester’s Women’s Rugby Team