The Boat That Rocked – Set in the 1960s, The Boat That Rocked follows a pirate radio station situated aboard a ship. Even though the government is determined to shut them down, the radio station fights back and continues to deliver pop music to its dedicated listeners. Richard Curtis’s film is full of humour which at times does become quite crude, however the film’s soundtrack and dramatic ending make this a film worth watching when you have a couple of hours to kill. Rating: 3/5

History Boys – A class of boys have the opportunity to go to university at Oxford or Cambridge. They have the brains, but now, with the help of teachers ‘Hector’, Mrs Lintott, and new recruit Irwin, the boys must discover how to stand out from the many other applicants. With a blend of comedy and drama along with a sub-plot exploring sexuality and a shock ending, History Boys has something for everyone. Despite some highly intellectual conversations from the boys in which it is easy to get lost, this is a film which is difficult not to enjoy. Rating: 4/5

A Streetcar Named Desire – Tennessee Williams’s masterpiece is a powerful story of love, brutality and that fine line between reality and fiction. When Blanche DuBois moves in with her sister, Stella, and Stella’s husband, Stanley, it is not long before trouble arises in their New Orleans home, eventually leading to a dramatic finale that will change their lives forever. With award-winning performances by Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando, Streetcar is a definite must-see for all movie lovers. Rating: 5/5

Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll’s timeless tale of one girl’s adventures in a truly fantastical world comes to life in this 1951 animated classic. When Alice stumbles down a rabbit hole into Wonderland, she is thrown headfirst into a weird and wonderful land where she meets a host of unusual characters. Disney animation, combined with Carroll’s imagination makes this a thoroughly enjoyable watch for all ages. You’d have to be as mad as a hatter not to love it! Rating: 4/5