161st anniversary of ‘Moby-Dick’, not to be confused with that dick, Moby.

by James D. Irwin

1851— Moby-Dick first published

Born today:

1926— Chuck Berry, legendary rock and roll musician who enjoyed successful second career as a pervert.

1939— Lee Harvey Oswald, alleged ‘assassin’ who ‘shot’ John ‘F.’ Kennedy.

1947— Paul Chuckle, least objectionable half of the Chuckle Brothers.

1952— Chuck Lorre, composer of original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but also creator of Two and a Half Men.

1955— Timmy Mallet, grating TV personality with the dress sense of a paedophile. However, despite working in children’s TV, having several annoying catchphrases, and doing a lot for charity, Timmy Mallet is NOT a sex offender.

1960— Jean-Claude Van Damme, the greatest Belgian since Adolphe Sax.*

1974— Robbie Savage, Welsh footballer, cousin of Sid Vicious, surprisingly eloquent pundit.

The original sax machine.


And good riddance to:

1931— Thomas Edison, light-bulb stealing inventor.


Today is Necktie Day, during which we honour Croatia’s most famous export… the humble cravat.