We all awoke accompanied by a slight Dublin-induced hangover, and an expensive one at that, with the average drink in Irish bars costing around 9 euros!

Following a traditional Irish breakfast, we stepped out into a rather wet and miserable Dublin, and headed towards The Guinness Storehouse. We were informed during our guided bus tour the previous day, that when Arthur Guinness originally founded his line of production, he paid for a 9000 year lease on his 4 acre brewery, at a rent of £45 a year.

  The Guinness Storehouse was impressive; a vast overview of the magic of Guinness, from its original establishment in 1759, up until the present day, spread over 7 floors, complete with its own ‘Gravity Bar’ at the top, where you could enjoy a 360 degree view of the city, washed down with a free pint of Guinness.

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned hangovers, we were unable to finish our pints of Guinness, and opted to get a horse and carriage ride back to our hotel, where a much needed power nap was the way that we spent the remainder of the afternoon!

That evening, we sampled an Italian restaurant in Temple Bar, followed by a quick drink in a very packed bar, complete with live music, and a final visit to a slightly quieter bar, where a single guitar player finished the evening on a very lulled note.