Imagine sharing a damp and dreary bathroom between ten people; mouldy plates from yesteryear building up on the kitchen worktops…Well this year’s Winchesters don’t need to worry about that! The completion of Queen’s Road Student Village has instead provided more luxury than most hotels do.

Boasting double rooms, standard and large en suites, and attractive kitchen diners, it is certainly a home away from home. It’s a far cry from the woes of last year’s fresher’s who, due to lack of student accommodation were forced to commute from Southampton every single day, or find their own houses. First year student Marjan, 18, said, ‘Queens Road is really great and has a great sense of community. Also, the rooms are big and every room has an en suite’. But all this lavishness comes at a price – £4,500 to be precise, and that’s just for a standard room.

The new accommodation will also help to ease the conflicts between students and residents of the nearby Stanmore area. Last year, many residents were left disgruntled after many incidents including loud music, drunken brawls and issues with parking in which extreme cases culminated in the arrival of police to the scene.

Not a problem now! Queen’s Road obviously has its own parking facilities. Students can also enjoy breathtaking views over the city and relax in their comfortable abodes, perhaps even finding some time to do an essay or two.  Just goes to show, you can get luxury on a student budget.