Over 2.6 million people are diagnosed with diabetes in the UK, leaving sufferers to have to have daily injections of insulin to keep the condition at bay.

Unfortunately, constant injections can lead to further health risks such as chronic migraines and hypocalcaemia.

Hope could be on the horizon for millions of sufferers, however, as scientists are constantly working on creating an artificial pancreas. It is the pancreas in diabetes sufferers that causes the condition as it does not produce insulin.

The scientists working on the idea are gradually progressing, with the latest breakthrough being an implant placed on the hip, which supplies insulin.

When the blood’s glucose levels rise, the gel in the implant begins to liquefy, releasing the insulin.

It has already been called the ‘artificial pancreas’ and is currently going through preclinical trials before it can be released.

If all goes well then patients should be able to receive it within the next decade, creating peace of mind and a brighter future for those living with the condition.