Fun loving journalism graduate Erin (Drew Barrymore), meets Garrett (Justin Long), whilst in New York on a job placement. Despite their first encounter involving a drunken one-night stand, the spark of attraction is obvious and their summer fling turns into a journey of love that is both entertaining and moving to watch. But the catch comes when Erin has to return to San Francisco and leave her newly found soul mate thousands of miles away in New York.

What will happen to their relationship when long distance troubles occur?

With sexy bartenders and busty co-workers thrown into the mix, will either be tempted to cheat on their beautiful love affair, or are they strong enough to go the distance?

Would you choose love over your career?

This rom-com is a step above the rest with its witty and modern humour and a storyline which isn’t as predictable as you would think.

The chemistry between Drew and Justin makes it easy to consider their on/off relationship in real life, and makes the film seem believable and genuine.

Christina Applegate is brilliant in her role as Erin’s sister, whilst a spray tan scene similar to that concerning Ross in an episode of FRIENDS is actual laugh out loud material.

Best rom-com of the year? Quite likely. I’d give it a definite 5/5.