With A level results being published this Thursday, I sigh with relief that this year that I do not have to worry about that.

About to embark on my second year, I am safely at a university, something which 170,000 students are expected to miss out on this year.

If it wasn’t hard enough last year, students who do not get the grades they require this year will find it almost impossible to gain a place at a university.

So much so that many students are having to opt for part-time study, as full-time degree courses are so difficult to acquire.

It is reported that University finance are suggesting to the government that student loans, at the moment only available to full-time students, should be extended to part timers to encourage more people to take the option.

The view is while a part time degree may not be ideal to many, it is an option people should consider seriously.

This however has angered many students, as the once promised three year course in a new part of the country, is now only a distant dream.

The Open University has seen an increase of 21% of 18 year olds reserving a place on degree courses.

Birkbeck University in London which specialises in evening degree courses has had 154 applications from 18-25 year olds this year, whereas last year there were none.

This certainly is the quiet before the storm, as students anxiously await their results.

Student life is supposed to be easy, isn’t it? Seems like it’s getting harder all the time.